Jul 2014 24

Here is an interesting camera for indoor surveillance. It transmits to a wrist watch. I don’t think that it’s the low light king that the SJ4000 is but the watch thing is handy.

Jul 2014 12

Infrared is sooooo last year now that the Sony A7 is here. Take a look a Philip Blooms low-light test.

Now I See from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

May 2014 25

Thought up this simple method of hands off camera filming for the car.

Apr 2014 18

Just ordered the new Panasonic HC-W850. I have the Panasonic V720 and have been happy with it for the most part (way better than the 700). It has decent low-light and good telephoto. Its Nearfield WIFI is incredible but a little cumbersome to initiate when time is of the essence. The new W850 (from it’s specs) has slightly more telephoto, requires a third less light (WOW), has IR nightshot and has a fast Nearfield initiation. The main reason for the upgrade is that I was having some difficulties focusing in very dark situations with my Panasonic V720. I almost forgot…..the 850 has a proper focusing wheel instead of that terrible menu thing. The wheel can also control the iris/shutter speed so gone are the days of having to go all-or-nothing into the color night mode and having to endure blurry footage.

I’ll post a review and comparison when it arrives.

Feb 2014 27

I’d like to introduce my new company……ACCOUNTABLE INVESTIGATIONS. We are located in Palm Beach County Florida and focus exclusively on domestic surveillance/investigations.
Phone 561-366-2499

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